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KNOT Industry was formed 10 years ago to carry out construction works. Over the years, in addition to our main activity, we had more and more contracts for technical inspections which direction was so successful that today we do only technical inspections. Technical inspectors with former experience in construction have a more constructive approach to project implementation which they manage and supervise by taking into account the needs of both sides. The knowledge and experience accrued in the company throughout the years represents expert support and safety to our partners.

Our experts and engineers have not only been engaged in construction and utility-related projects but their work also involves the management of special construction projects involving unique technological mounting, technical inspection and drawing up engineering materials.

Technical inspection

The role of technical inspectors in construction projects is like that of an éminence grise. They ensure an unperturbed, secured background, help delivery and speak the language of all actors involved.

The involvement of a technical inspector in construction projects for the period of construction is a statutory requirement. But beyond that, today property developers also hire such experts from design to delivery for their own interest. Our technical inspectors have the required qualifications and licenses in every important area of the construction business (architecture, mechanical and electrical works, building construction and civil engineering). Our assembled team have completed several development, technical inspection and construction projects. Our experience is a guarantee for rapid and smooth completion of works by the deadline while ensuring that the results satisfy the expectations of the developer, the constructor and the owner respectively.

Project management and implementation

In relation to construction projects, rather frequently, the developers don’t have a team with experience in all, from the preparation and implementation to the administration of the works. Investment projects to be completed from EU grants (a significant proportion of Hungarian projects) require strict professional and formal administration from the project promoter. Our colleagues have engineering qualification under FIDIC also accepted in EU legal practice and are skilled in both the practice and its legal background. Obviously not only EU-financed projects can be of large scale. The refurbishment or the reconstruction of a public institution, the investment and reconstruction works of drinking water pump stations, wastewater plants or warehouses, as well as the construction of facilities using renewable energies requires similarly strict deadlines, energy efficient processes and put administrative burdens to those involved.

In project management our colleagues ensure what can’t be learned in school: practical experience. A combined total of 60 years’ experience in construction and project management – this gives us a secure background in implementing projects.

Implementation of kitchen technology projects

Growing tourism brought along the installation of nicely designed, well-equipped and high-quality industrial kitchens where the joint plans of practiced chefs and kitchen technologists are to be realised. Project management and technical inspection related to the building and technological installation works of new kitchens in hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities are done by experts who have the required knowledge on their own fields of work but they are new to the fields of installing and commissioning kitchen machinery and equipment. In an industrial kitchen the operation of ovens, taps, dishwashers, drainage, exhaust fans and other equipment need to be aligned with the general business of the kitchen. As our colleagues have already participated in the implementation of over a hundred industrial kitchen projects from the talks with designers through installations to delivery, we can rightly assert to be experts of this topic.

Energy efficiency consulting

Regular condition assessments and modernisations are crucial for the operation of effective and cost-efficient systems. Consultation services provided by us include the assessment of existing complex operational systems, the formulation of plans for their rationalisation and maintenance and the development of audits. Through an adequately elaborated study, substantial savings can be achieved and such a document may also be used for larger development tenders.

There are several methods available today for the modernisation of drinking water and wastewater plants however putting them to test may cause some budget concerns. Subject to the local potentials, the different fields of service require the implementation of different technologies. The study concluded from surveys made by experts draws the right picture of available solutions for the service provides. The document describes the steps for quality improvement, helps in changing over to environmental friendly operation, and the implementation of recommendations results in savings while increasing the service level.


Wastewater treatment plant in Dél-Pest, Hungary

Hungarian Heritage House

UV treatment in Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary

UV treatment in Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary

Renovation of engine room in Vadaskert, Hungary